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Percaya kpd Tuhan,Bsyukur bhw manusia slalu dberikan yg tbaik,sesuai yg dlakukan oleh manusia itu sendiri, x perlu bkeras hati,DIA akan mberikan dsaat yg tepat apa yg hambaNya perlukan, Tidak harus dsaat ini,masih ada esok hari.....

27 May 2016

Nota Kami Zaman Bercinta

Kenangan kami sebelum kawen,kami mencatat apa2 je luahan dlm nota ni..tiap kali tbace sama2 tsengih2 malu2 kucing
Ni sebahagian dari nota2 kami..✌✌💕💕

9th Wedding Anniversary

How fast time flies!! Y'terday marks our 9th year married 2 each other,
I pray to Allah bless us 2 b hepi 4ever n ever ☺☺☺
How do I begin 2 tell u how's lucky I am 2 hve u in my life? I'll start by sayin' wat an honor it's 4 me 2 b ur wife.
U're my best friend in d gud times n my rock in times of sorrow. U're d reason 4 sweet y'terdays n my promise 4 2morrow. I nvr thought I could feel dis loved until I became ur wife. U made dis year n every year d best 1 of my life!!.
Another year 2 create precious memories 2gether. Another year 2 discover new things 2 enjoy 'bout each other. Another year 2 strengthen a marriage dat defines 4ever. up another to 9th year u makes me feel complete n thank Allah for dis anugerah!..My sweetheart,Thank u 4 treating me juz as special on d days dat r not our anniversary. N y'terday is our wedding anniversary.. Ya Allah,Give us strength 2 pleased you. Give us strength 2 love each other just achieve ur mercy..n may Allah bless our marriage till Jannah!!! Insha allah! Amin Amin ya robbal aalamiin...❤️❤️😘😘💋💋 Happy anniversary mr.sweetheart! ❤❤❤

Note: ❤❤❤ We've been into many ups n downs. But we've managed 2 get through with them. In the process, we grow and matured. I hope we stay in luv each other,insha allah!❤❤❤



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